FAQs About BTMI Grant Programs

What types of grant assistance are available?

BTMI has ongoing programs that offer assistance with binders, packers, and STPs. Other opportunities may arise, and can be found under “Grants & Scholarships on under BTMI Men’s Health and Wellness.

Who is eligible for grants (e.g., binders, packers, pStyle STPs, top-surgery assistance)?

Our program is designed to support the safe and healthy transition of transmen of color in low-income communities. All transmen of color who are focused on advancing black trans equality are urged to apply! [If you are not a Trans person of color, please contact us, and we will tell you about other possible sources of binders.]

To qualify for a binder, packer, STP device, or top-surgery grant, you must:

  • be 18 years of age or older
  • be either unemployed, or demonstrate financial hardship
  • be an active part of the Black Transmen community (engaging on social media, or become a part of BTMI in some way)
  • attend at least 3 Akanni sessions before assistance is provided

Do I need to live in a particular area to receive support?

BTMI grants are open to U.S. residents.

How do I request assistance for top-surgery?

BTMI offers two opportunities each year to apply for financial assistance for top-surgery:

  • January-April (cut-off date April 15)
  • July-October (cut-off date October 15)

You may apply for a grant through our online application, during the cycles shown above.

How do I request assistance for a binder, STP, or packer?

You may apply for a grant for a binder, STP, or packer, through our online application, at any time, but only once per 12-month period.

How do I know what size binder to request?

When completing the application, please keep in mind the following sizing guidance:

How often may I request assistance?

In order to help as many people as possible, we offer only one binder, STP, or packer, per person, in a 12-month cycle.

What is your return policy?

We are not able to offer refunds or exchanges; please consider size requests carefully. We will replace items that were received damaged, or if you received a size different from what you ordered.

How will the item be delivered?

We use plain gray wrapping, and do not include our name in the return address.

I would love to support the grant program! How can I help?

Thank you for wanting to help! You can purchase binders, STPs, and packers through our Amazon wish list. The items will be mailed to BTMI, and made available to those who cannot afford to purchase them.

Can I do a Fundraiser for BTMI?

Absolutely! Thank you for wanting to support our community. Please email Charley at cburton@blacktransmen.org.

I don’t have much money, but would love to help. What can I do?

Thank you! We would welcome the following:

  • Follow us on social media, and like, comment, and share our posts!
  • Volunteer with BTMI (send an email to _________)

We Are Here To Help!

If you have questions or need further assistance, please reach out to Charley Burton about the Brother 2 Brother Binder Grant program at 855.454.9310 ext 20 10AM-2PM CST Tuesday – Thursday.