Black Transmen Inc

Since 2011, Black Transmen Inc has firmly planted ourselves on the forefront of organizing the modern movement for Black trans equality.  Still too often, black transmen are overshadowed in the fight for social equality.   Founded by Carter & Esperanza Brown, Black Transmen, Inc. (BTMI) takes pride in its role as the first national nonprofit social advocacy organization with a specific focus on empowering African American transgender men by addressing multi-layered issues of injustice faced at the intersections of racial, sexual orientation, and gender identities.

Our Motto: “One Is Not Born A Man HE Becomes One”

Black Transmen Inc. sponsors a new black trans equality movement, that includes the power and admiration of black transmen living life in spite of societal and/or traditional expectations of gender identity. We affirm and celebrate the beauty, strength and uniqueness of the transmasculine community.

Black Transmen Inc National Headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas and lead by Founder & Executive Director Carter Brown who called for visibility and leadership of black transmen to create global social change thru work focused on humanism, awareness, equality, advocacy and empowerment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that all transgender men and TLGB individuals are acknowledged and provided equal access and protection under the law thereby enabling them to contribute towards a productive society.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to build an organization that secures a quality reputation that is socially responsible and economically beneficial for the transgender community; To remain the indispensable source that brings together people who both need and provide reliable resources that support a healthy identity and; To educate and inspire a social movement that secures human rights, nurtures the human experience and uplifts the soul.

BTMI Founders: Carter & Esperanza Brown