Health Care Support Services

It is your human right and You Deserve high quality, safe, and stigma-free health care that is affirming and supports your healthy transition. EmpowerHIM provides Men’s Health Mentoring to assist men define and achieve their health & fitness goals.

Your good health matters and we want you to Be Well! Men’s Health Mentoring includes training’s, support groups and referral to local trans competent health care services to help support your physical and mental wellness.


Trans Health Education, Counseling and Referral

  • Primary Health
  • Behavioral/Mental Health
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Nutrition & Fitness
  • Vision & Dental
  • Sexual & Reproductive Health and FREE HIV/STI Testing
  • Transition Care: Identification Documents, Hormone Replacement Therapy and Gender Affirming Surgery


Support Groups


Get Health Care Resources


Issue: Health Care Discrimination

Black Transmen Inc is concerned about race and gender equality issues in health care.  US Trans Survey reports, 34% of Black respondents who saw a health care provider reported having at least one negative experience related to being transgender.


Know Your Rights!

Learn more and stay up-to-date on Health Care Rights for transgender people with resources provided by National Center for Transgender Equality.   Each resource includes how to file complaints of discrimination or mistreatment and how to find legal help.

If you are facing discriminatory treatment you do not have to travel this path on your own. Share your story with Black Transmen Inc so that we can help advocate for you and reduce future discrimination experienced by our greater transgender community.