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National Black Transmen Inc Programs

Black Transmen Inc EmpowerHIM Committee

Ensuring the health, economic and social empowerment of transmen.

BTMI National Board & Committee Current Vacancies

Focus: Black Transmen Inc National Board & Committee Leaders are focused on organizational governance, financial stability, administration and mission strategy.

Eligibility: National Board or Committee Leaders are either elected or appointed. Black Transmen Inc members of any age, who have served a minimum of 300+ BTMI volunteer hours, $750+ fundraising ability, and available a minimum of 100 hrs per year to serve are eligible and encouraged to apply.

Timeline:  Black Transmen Inc fiscal year begins March 1.  National committee board and committee leadership positions must be filled by Dec 1.

  • Oct/Nov 2019 – Applications accepted
  • Nov/Dec 2019 – Interviews & Selection
  • Jan 2020 – Service Term Begins & Presentation of New Members
  • Feb 2020 –  On-boarding,  Training, OJT support
  • April/May 2020 – New Member Confirmation and Ceremony

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National Board

  1. BTMI Board Member

Vacancy: 1 Appointed.

National Operations

  1. Fundraising/Financial Sustainability
  2. Administration/PR & Communications

Vacancy: 1 each. Elected or Appointed.

National Empowerment Committee
(Holistic Wellness)

  1. Humanitarian Mentoring Committee Member
  2. Health Mentoring Committee Member
  3. Employment Mentoring Committee Member
  4. Financial Mentoring Committee Member
  5. Housing Mentoring Committee Member
  6. Education Mentoring Committee Member
  7. Faith & Spiritual Mentoring Committee Member
  8. Social & Intellectual Mentoring Committee Member

Vacancy: 1 each. Elected or Appointed.

National Advocacy Committee
(Resources & Referral)

  1. National Advocacy Co Chair
  2. Health Resources Committee Member
  3. Safety Resources Committee Member
  4. Employment Resources Committee Member
  5. Housing Resources Committee Member
  6. Education Resources Committee Member

Vacancy: 1 each. Elected or Appointed.

National Equality Committee
(Legal & Public Policy)

  1. National Equality Co Chair
  2. Health Legal Advocacy Committee Member
  3. Safety Legal Advocacy Committee Member
  4. Employment Legal Advocacy Committee Member
  5. Housing Legal Advocacy Committee Member
  6. Education Legal Advocacy Committee Member

Vacancy: 1 each. Elected or Appointed.