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Black Transmen - Become the change you want to see in the world!

7th Annual Black Trans Advocacy Conference & Awards April 23 - April 30, 2018


Black Transmen: One is not born a man.  He becomes one.

Black Transmen Incorporated

About Our Social Change

Black Transmen | Equality - Advocacy - Empowerment Black Transmen Inc.® is the 1st National Non-Profit Organization of African American transmen solely focused on acknowledgment, social advocacy and empowering transmen with resources to aid in a healthy female to male transition. Black Transmen Inc. programs provide all female to male transmen and SLGBTQI individuals with necessary tools to secure identity and equality within our society regardless of race, creed, color, religion, sexual identity or sexual expression.


"Become The Change You Want To See In The World"  Black Transmen Inc.® sponsors a new equality movement, empowerment and admiration of black transmen living life in spite of societal and/or traditional expectations of gender identity. We affirm and celebrate the beauty, strength and uniqueness of the FTM transgender community. Black Transmen Inc. advocates for humanity with specific focus on the concerns affecting African American communities. We advocate through education.


Our mission is to ensure that all transgender men and SLGBTQI individuals are acknowledged, provided equal access and protection under the law to contribute to a productive society. We accomplish our mission of equality, advocacy and empowerment for our greater social community, through education. 


Our vision is to build an organization that secures a quality reputation that is socially responsible and economically beneficial within the transgender community and our greater society. To remain the indispensible source that brings together people who both need and provide reliable resources that support a healthy identity and to educate and inspire a social movement that secures human rights, nurtures the human experience and uplifts the soul.

Our Cause.

Black Transmen Inc. primary advocacy cause is: Equality – Awareness – Empowerment. Black Transmen Inc. extends its programs with focus on education of: Gender & Sexuality Education & Awareness, Economic Development, Safe Schools & Anti - Bullying, Transgender Homelessness & Hunger, Anti-Violence including Anti-Bullying, Suicide Prevention, Domestic Violence Prevention, Trans Education, Trans Health, Trans HIV/AIDS & STD Prevention, FTM Surgery Funding, FTM Educational Scholarship & Grants.

Our Impact.

Our advocacy programs are created to empower the FTM community with resources and admiration to support healthy growth through the female to male transition with emphasis on forming a complete identity. Black Transmen Inc. programs provide all female to male transmen and SLGBTQI individuals education & outreach in: Identity, Culture, Religion, Family, Health, Wealth, Careers, Education, Business, Legal, Community and Youth Services.

We work to ensure that all  transmen and SLGBTQI individuals are provided food, shelter, a space for individual expression/creativity and celebration - the basic necessities in life and the things we believe truly make this world complete, exciting  and serving to all. We partner with local communities, faith based organization, school  & universities and social groups to aid in our goal of awareness, advocacy and social change.

Our advocacy program includes transmen of all ages and stages of the ftm transition as well as members in the SLGBTQI community. Our program is made successful through one on one, group and peer to peer relationships that are available online, by phone and in person. Transitioning from female to male is an important passage that deserves relentless support. Our organizational focus is to provide this much needed support in all ways possible.

Your Help.

All Black Transmen Inc. services are offered free to the SLGBTQI community. Our programs are operated by volunteer administrative services and limited community donations. Our education outreach programs are in great need of monetary donations and sponsorships, volunteers, supplies and equipment to provide our not for profit services and to extend our cause. Please contact us or make a general donation or purchase donation on our website.    All donations are used 100% to support Black Transmen Inc. Advocacy Initiatives.

Black Transmen Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization that extends an invitation to volunteers, advertisers, in-kind donators, and sponsors to help us exceed all expectations. BTMI is eligible for government and private grants as well as tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts.  Contributions donated to Black Transmen, Inc are fully tax-deductible.

Live safely and with an open heart. Always be kind to each other. It makes the difference in the world. Namaste. 


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Black Transmen Inc  Founder & National Executive Director Carter Brown

Carter Brown  ~ Black Transmen Inc Founder

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Black Transmen Inc. 3530 Forest Lane #38 Dallas, TX  75234

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