Black Transmen Inc Mission Driven Programs

Each day transgender people are faced with bias that affects all areas of life. According to Injustice at Every Turn: A Look at Black Respondents in the National Transgender Discrimination Survey, Black trans and gender non-conforming people reported experiencing the highest levels of discrimination of all transgender people based on the combination of anti-transgender bias with structural and individual racism.

Black Transmen Inc is continuing to position itself to adequately meet the needs of its constituency creating and providing programs that will aid the black trans community.   Key programs created in order to achieve the Black Transmen Inc mission include:


Black Transmen Inc (BTMI)/EmpowerHIM: A gender identity development program of offering positive and affirming support to enrich the lives of Black Transmen.  This program provides transmen personal empowerment through mentoring, community education, outreach, events and leadership development.


Black Transwomen Inc (BTWI): Created as a support group by Black Transmen Inc and Founding Executive Director Carmarion Anderson, BTWI is the only national nonprofit organization established to specifically address the urgent concerns facing African American transwomen in minority communities. The BTWI mission is to  uplift the voice, heart and soul of black transwomen.

Since 2012, BTWI has committed to empowerment, providing the trans-feminine community with programs and resources to help inspire individual growth and contributions to the greater good of society. Black Transwomen Inc is now a 501c3 organization and subsidiary of the National Black Trans Advocacy Coalition.


Black Trans MX (BTMX): Created as a support group by Black Transmen Inc and founding members Renea Taylor,Jékksyn Ícaro and Lain Littlejohn, BTMX creates space for building community and advocating for the black gender non-conforming, non-binary, and gender diverse community. Founded in 2018, BTXI aims to increase non-binary and gender non-conforming visibility, and build a stronger community.  Established to fill the gap between the two already existing branched communities, Black Transmen Inc, Black Transwomen Inc., BTMX cater towards a diverse population of gnc/nb black folks across the nation in partnership as a subsidiary of the National Black Trans Advocacy Coalition.


Established in 2011, the Black Trans Advocacy Coalition, through our national advocacy center and affiliate state chapters work daily to end discrimination and inequities faced in health, employment, housing and education to improve the lived experience of transgender people. BTAC’s work is based in peace building, community education, public policy initiatives, empowerment programs and direct services. Black Trans Advocacy Coalition works with communities in the U.S. and across the globe to foster diversity, inclusion and equality for all people.  Black Trans Advocacy Coalition is lead by Black Transmen Inc, Black Transwomen Inc and Black Trans MX organizations providing the following collaborative program initiatives. 


  • Black Trans International Pageantry System: created in 2012  with Nekidra Tyler, Lisa Davenport and the late Damian Black has a focus to positively represent the black trans community and serve as an ambassador for Black Trans Equality.


  • Black Trans Advocacy Center: a national help center connecting transgender and gnc people to competent health resources and social services in their local community. 


  •  Black Trans Advocacy Conference: (BTAC) is a distinct educational and empowerment program, home to nearly 300 transgender/queer, gender variant families, allies and corporate partners who are focused on advancing black trans equality. BTAC is a life changing event that furthers education, provides linkage to resources, health screenings, leadership training, kinship and celebration of the diverse identities in our quest for full social equality. 


  •  Black Trans Advocacy Leadership Institute: a culturally based social justice leadership training that support the development of local community organizers, educators, mentors, trans rights activist, public speakers and social entrepreneurs. 


  •  Black Trans Advocacy Awards: Black Trans Advocacy is proud to formally acknowledge and celebrate black trans leadership. The Black Trans Advocacy Awards recognizes individuals, groups and organizations who have proven to be dynamic and outstanding leaders who are focused on the advancement of black trans equality.


  • Black Trans Advocacy Health & Wellness: program created to assist transgender people access quality, safe and stigma-free health care services. Transgender men, women and gnc people who access the program are offered health navigation and service linkage to Gender affirming services and hormone therapy, HIV care and testing, mental health, fitness, substance abuse counseling, dental, and other supportive services including legal name and gender marker change.


  • Black Trans Advocacy Economic Empowerment:  program helps low income and homeless transgender people develop their skills and obtain employment through the Employ Trans Job Readiness Project (ETJRP).The ETJRP offers workshops on employment skills including resume writing, job searching, interview skills, and money management. The ETJRP works closely with area employers as well as educators to assist the community in obtaining gainful employment that will aid in obtaining permanent housing.