Thank You Funders

As a nonprofit, we rely on institutional investment to sustain and expand our services. Our grantors provide necessary funds and collaboration that enable Black Transmen Inc to pilot new programs and serve the transgender community.

We’re grateful for these investments and the generous contributions of our foundation, corporate investors and all our donor partners.


In The Beginning

The support of these funders in Black Transmen Inc’s early years was indispensable to the organization’s first stage of development and continue to support our vision to this day.  Black Transmen Inc would like to publicaly send a “shout out” to say thank you for your support and believing in the power of black transmen!

Support for the Black Trans Advocacy Coalition

These funders helped propel Black Transmen Inc into a  black trans national network, collaborating with kindred organizations to advance the greater black transgender equality movement.

Interested Foundation and Corporate Partnership

Black Transmen Inc’s fiscal year runs March 1 thru Feb 28 of the following year to fund programs that begin in June.  Funding partnership that sustains black transmen inc’s general operating or program support will be recognized on this page. If you are interested in foundation or corporate partnership $10,000 or more, please Contact Us.