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Charley Burton

Charley Burton


Mr Charley Burton

Black Transmen Inc Board Member

Charley Burton is a native Virginian living in Charlottesville VA.

At the age of 50 Charley discovered his authentic self and started his transition. September 13, 2010 is the day that Charley recognizes as a part of his emerging into his manhood. It was around that time that Charley was introduced to Carter Brown and became a part of the BTMI family. He has been active ever since.

As one of the first, founding board members Charley is always willing to step in wherever he can. Charley loves the work that he does for BTMI and loves what BTMI gives back to him.

Charley is also active in his recovery community and shares his experience, strength and hope about his journey from alcohol and drugs being recovered over 14 years.

He is active in his community and is always trying to educate and expose people to BTMI and the walk that Black Transmen face every day.

In Charlottesville Charley is member of many boards. He is a co facilitator of a trans support group, board member of PFLAG of The Blue Ridge, board member of Cville Pride, board member of Common Ground Healing Arts and board chair for Diversity in Recovery. Charley stays active in these groups
always keeping and wanting these boards to recognize the needs of black transmen.

He is currently working towards exposing black transmen about our mental health and wellbeing, elder transmen being more recognized in our community and revamping the binder program to help those in need of binder services.

Charley currently works in Charlottesville with mentally and physically challenged adults helping them return and stay in the work field in the government sector.

Charley is a lover of history, an avid reader and a huge lover of all kinds of music. He can also be found in his kitchen creating delicious desserts!


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Black Transmen Inc National Board & Committee Leaders are focused on governance, financial stability, administration and mission strategy organizational health.

National Board or Committee Leadership opportunities are filled by election or appointment. Black Transmen Inc members of any age, who have served a minimum of 300+ BTMI volunteer hours, $750+ fundraising ability, and available 25+hrs per month for the duration of the program are eligible and encouraged to apply.

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