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Black Transmen | Equality - Advocacy - Empowerment Black Transmen Inc.® is the 1st National Non-Profit Organization of African American transmen solely focused on acknowledgment, social advocacy and empowering African American transmen with resources to aid in a healthy female to male transition. Black Transmen programs provide all female to male transmen and SLGBTQI individuals with necessary tools to secure identiy and equality within our society regardless of race, creed, color, religion, sexual identity or sexual expression.


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Black Transmen, Inc. Partners with Operation Rebirth and SLGBT Individuals Nationwide In Petition to African American Pastors


Black Transmen, Inc partners with Operation Rebirth and SLGBT individuals nationwide in request for unity and working dialogue with leaders in the faith based community to help recognize and resolve spiritual abuse and social injustice.


DALLAS, TEXAS –September 10, 2012.  Black Transmen Inc.  (BTMI) is focused on sharing awareness and taking a stand on ending spiritual abuse.  Social inequalities and institutionalized oppression exists within our society and indoctrinates people to accept the power inequalities.  The forces of oppression and violence continue to permeate within the LGBT community and are grossly visible in family, school, church, and media social structures.

As an advocacy organization, we see how these injustices are experienced firsthand.  The source of this injustice in our view is primarily materialized within the social constructs of religion.  Moral character is developed many times by religion and in the USA, Christianity is the predominate faith that provides this set of moral codes.  LGBT individuals are largely unsupported, ostracized and experience spiritual abuse within the structure of these moral codes. With feelings of abandonment from the family of God, many LGBT individuals shun from the projected message from the Christian pulpit that their lives are less valuable or that they are spiritually broken.  Often unable to cope, many individuals become suicidal, resort to use of drugs, alcohol and high risk sexual behavior as a mechanism for finding peace within themselves and love from others.  Man’s influence on religion can be a matter of life and death, and the power of the cloth should be exerted with responsibility for ALL that receive their message.

We have been made aware of Rev. Bill Owens and the Coalition of African-American Pastors that are protesting gay marriage and are using spiritual abuse to advance their agenda.  Other African American pastors have reportedly supported protest of gay marriage and the extermination of LGBT individuals and have explicitly admitted to not hiring openly gay individuals or accepting them into their congregation.  This is social injustice bread from the institution of oppression.  Many LGBT individuals risk being subjected to anti gay sermons, are expelled from church organizations, remain “in the closet” in fear of losing support from their church, or some give up on church and religious faith all together. This is a great injustice where in any environment individuality and diversity is not supported and fought for.  This is not what we believe God, The Universe, intended for the human experience.   We are in need of radical and immediate change from faith based organizations to affirm life and take a stand for social equality when any injustice is experienced. Help to end spiritual abuse in your church.

 Black Transmen, Inc Division of Religion Outreach provides support for all of the LGBT community in their individual spiritual journey and have partnered with Tuan NGai, Operation Rebirth, the watch dog for LGBT spiritual violence, to help advocate for peace and freedom of spiritual abuse.  We take a stand for social equality and extend assistance and support to faith based organizations to help reach this goal. We seek unconditional support and request unity and working dialogue with leaders in the faith based community to help recognize and resolve spiritual abuse and social injustice. We believe that we are all connected and are privileged in our responsibility for each other and we are committed to advocating for social equality.

Although  written request on our behalf has been previously declined or otherwise ignored we continue to take a stand for equality,  and support the Operation Rebirth initiated petition to help bring public awareness of this cause and to further extend our support for social change.

On behalf of our Black Transmen Inc organization we sincerely thank you for taking a stand.

“Become the change you want to see in the world” –Mahatma Gandhi


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